Quality & Variety Guide

Tea Guardian examines basic concepts in quality definition and how quality matters in tea consumption. Tea varieties, grouped under each of the tea categories, are individually studied here, complete with buying tips.

Naming of a Tea

Naming of teas has always been problematic, especially when there are so many different ways of doing it for such a huge number of varieties in so many different regions. We summarise the different ways it is done for better understanding as a foundation for your tea search

How are these tea names formed?

There are 7 popular tea names below. Select an answer that you think is how the name is formed. Fill in your name and email and send your finished quiz to us. Those who have all the answers correct will be entitled to a pack of very nice Fenghuang Dancong for free

Shiguping Wulong

Shi-gu-ping ( Chinese: 石古坪, 又作石鼓坪, 另有考為石牯坪, 無定案 ) is the name of a village in the Phoenix (Fenghuang) region of Chao-an county in north-east Guangdong, China. It is known only amongst a...