Advertising at the Tea Guardian

Advertising at the Tea Guardian


This gives you an idea of what a 728 x 90 px banner ad looks like in proportion. For a real ad example, please scroll down to the footer of a page.

Maximize the effectiveness of your advertising budget. Put your ad here at the Tea Guardian, where all readers are really interested in tea.

You monitor the performance of your own ad campaign simply by logging in our back-office as an advertiser to see all the charts and statistics of how your ads perform, every cent of it. You can even target your ads towards keywords in our page or sections in our site to maximize the effects of your ads.

Introductory offers!

1200 impressions2400 impressions3600 impressions
Wide Banner Footer$10$18$24
Right Column Square$17$30$42
Added value services:
Website section targeting$4$6$8
δWhen you opt for Geo-targeting, your ads will be deployed only to viewers in your pre-determined target geographic regions by means of tracking the viewer’s IP address.

a little bit of technical details

Your ad here

Tea Guardian house ad: Your ad here

Please submit your ads in jpg, png or gif format. No animation.

Size requirements

Wide Banner Footer
728 px wide, 90 px high
Right Column Top Square
300 px wide, 250 px high

These are Google ad standard sizes, so if you already have the art for placing through Google, you just send them here for even more effective “impressions”!

If you option for geo targeting, you have a choice of per country or per continent.

If you want to target one section in this website, please specify which:

  • Nature of Tea
  • Quality and Varieties Guide
  • Modes
  • Tea & Health
  • Teashop Finder

Take advantage of the introductory rate now!

Decide on which combination or one ad position you think your business would benefit most from, and send it to us in the form below. We shall then send you a PayPal payment advice.

Once you have paid through PayPal (you don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay, any credit or debit card will do), you will be given access to your own advertiser’s control panel*. There you can monitor the performance of your ad.

If you think the one ad can be reinforced with more, you can even submit multiple ads to form a campaign. We know this will create the best response from the readers.

(*It may take us a couple of days to set up the back office for you, dependent on when in the week the order is confirmed by payment received. )

Get your ads ready now and order below:

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Choose your package:

Added value services:
Site section targetingReader geo-targeting

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Please do not forget to attach ALL your advertisement artwork at the right resolution and sizes.

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