Tea against Cancer

Macs killing cancer cell

the Death of a Cancer Cell
Macrophages (killer white blood cells in our system) fuse with, and inject its toxins into, the gigantic cancer cell in the centre. Photo magnification: 3: x 8,000 Photo by Susan Arnold

27% of all deaths in UK are due to cancer; the disease is the number one killer in Hong Kong and Japan; in US, it kills over 500 thousands a year… We had a hard time coming to terms as to how to approach this subject and how tea can help us against this most dreadful disease of all. In this what we’ve arrived at, the background understanding is covered in the main article and there are two key articles to support the reader in buying decisions.

There is also a special anti-angiogenesis tea blend introduced by Dr William Li of the Angiogenesis Foundation in the main article. Alessandro Martini, a researcher and a tea lover, contributes an article on some latest developments in cancer treatment with EGCG, a most potent tea catechin.

To understand the topic in perspective, it is important also for the reader to refer to related concepts in the “Tea & Your Health” section of this site.

Staying Young & Looking Healthy, After Cancer

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Teabag tea does not equal to leaf tea.

Teabags ≠ Whole leaf teas!

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Which tea has the most catechins?

The quality of a tea selection is not dependent on the proportion of catechins it carry, although in the case of green and white teas, better ones…» go to article

New developments in using tea catechins to fight cancer

Tea has in recent years become a focus in health sciences and tea catechins, EGCG in particular, is a hot topic. Alessandro Martini of the School of Pharmacy, University of Tor Vergata in Rome, contributes this summary of a few new directions…» go to article

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