Pouring tea from the gaiwan

White porcelain, modern semi-mould gaiwan, Fujian
Industrialization has helped smaller producers to make properly designed gaiwans with reasonable quality available at a very reasonable price to a growing market of tea hobbyists and people of the trade. One just have to know what to look for and where to find it.

The term gaiwan ( Chinese: 蓋碗 ) is the romanization of Mandarin Chinese pronunciation for the term that means “lidded bowl”.

In tea, a gaiwan is used popularly as a vessel for drinking from, or as one where the tea is infused in. Sometimes both purposes at the same time.

Popular sizes of this vessel range from 70ml to 160ml. They are very often used in gongfu infusion approaches and in teashops for quick tasting.

There are a few other expressions for the object. A popular one used in Cantonese is cha zhong ( Chinese: 茶盅 ), literally lidded handle-less vessel for tea.

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