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    I have very dry skin and lips all year long but i. Winter it bather me more as I get a lots of static due to dryness. Doesn’t matter how much oil I use on my legs or body I cant gget rid off dryness and my pants always stick to my legs.
    I am 43 years old and this problem is as old as I am.
    I can not drink coffee or black tea as I get mouth ulcers next day. I have been getting mouth ulcers all of my life. Till I stopped using toothpaste with sls and stopped drinking coffee and black tea.
    My question is what should I drink to retain water.
    Water does not stay in my body. My hight is 5 foot 5 and I weigh only 52kg.

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    Leo Kwan

    Hello Gujar, it seems to me that you have got a problem deeper than just skin issues. If you have already consulted a doctor, it would not be unwise to see another one for a second opinion to investigate what issue is in your constitution that symptomises in the various ailments on the surface of your body.

    Without knowing more about you, I would not presume your condition. However, generally if you have ulcer after coffee and black tea, the heat “qi” in the body is unbridled. According to what you have described, it could mean that both your “yin” and “yang” energies are low at the same time.

    The safest teas to use are lower heat baked oolongs. For the oolongs, avoid those that are very green. In another word, choose oolongs that are neutral-cool in Traditional Chinese Medicine property. Occasional, but not frequent neutral and cool TCM teas are okay.

    Hopefully a habit of such teas will not only help you retain moisture, but also improve your digestion and sleep quality for better health.

    If my guess is correct, the black tea your have been using is the broken leaf Indian kind. The original tea leaf before processing is innocent. It is the kind of industrial processing and commercial re-processing that make the tea not good for health.

    Please share any more questions, and how you are progressing.

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    Hi Leo Kwan. Thank you for your reply.
    I must say that I do not know anything about Chinese medicine except that about 15 years ago I went to china town in Montreal Canada and met a Chinese Doctor and used his herbs and medications for many months till I gave up as I was not seeing any improvement.
    Could you please recommend about what kind of Doctor should I see for my health ?
    As for the tea you mentioned I have no idea what to buy and where to buy could you make it simple or send me links where to buy .
    This xry skin issue has shown up on my son who is 19 years of age but it appeard when he was 13. He got very bad eczema on his whole body and even the skin specialist does not know what to do about it.
    Now he is starting to get skin infections very often. We don’t know what to do about it.
    I personally had met the dermatologists about my son and they have no clue about the reason for this kind of swear eczema.
    What would you recommend for him . who should we see ?
    Thank you very much for you time and help.

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    Leo Kwan

    @gujar, eczema is a common problem in Hong Kong where I live. Besides seeing it frequently on people on the street, it is on people whom I know too. It is almost certain that most dermatologists are incapable of a cure.

    A good TCM doctor with specialisation in this ailment may, but I am not able to recommend any where you live. Practitioners in TCM can be inapt in this job as any others.

    However, there are things that help to reduce the symptoms for those I know that you may want to try:

    Reduce intake of gluten and simple carbohydrates. Processed white flour is the number one enemy. Too much white rice is not good too. Diversify your carbohydrates sources to include less processed grains and other plants, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Less spicy food. If curry is in your daily diet, try to prepare your own by reducing the more stimulating ingredients and less of spices.

    More sleep, and better quality of it. A regular pattern is useful, so are environment and duration. Many people neglect this: hygiene of the beddings — dust mites, fungal spores and other pathogens in the air multiply quickly in warm and relatively more humid fabrics and mattresses in our beds. Controlling their density by way of frequent changing, antiseptics and sunning helps a lot.

    Non-sweating exercises. People with eczema tend to avoid sweating and thus move a lot less, which in turn fuels the growth of symptoms. Try exercising using routines that cause less sweating: certain forms of yoga, tai chi, or even stretching are important to maintain your bodily vitals to recover and counter the attacks.

    Now, back to your question: where to get the tea that is suitable for you and what tea exactly:

    Classic style Phoenix oolongs are a safe bet because it is not clear of your TCM condition by the scant info I have here. These are examples of them:
    Phoenix Classic
    Honey Orchid
    Xingren Xiang ( trade name: Orchid Gratus )
    Huangzhi Xiang Classic

    They are available in my own shop here: https://www.teahong.com/. You are welcome to compare quality with other shops, if they have them.

    If your yin energy is not as frail as I guess, you may want to try these even more effective bouquet style Phoenix oolongs in cleaning your systems:
    Eight Immortals
    Da Bai Ye ( trade name: Big White )
    Song Cultivar
    Snow Orchid
    Yashi Xiang ( trade name: Orchid Literati )

    Refrain from black tea ( especially broken grades that are popular in the mass market ), coffee, and alcohol ( in particular beer and liquor ). They exacerbate the condition, in that order in increasing severity.

    Hope this helps.

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    Leo Kwan

    And I forgot to mention refined sugar and glucose syrup. Avoid them as much as possible, also food and drinks with them in it. They cause a lot of trouble in addition to eczema

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